Monday, July 11, 2011

Some people should NOT be allowed to be Bank Branch Managers.

I get a call today stating an ATM was showing an out of currency fault, but the Bank was saying it still had $11,500.00 in it.

Now, there's several things that can cause this. But today was the first time I've seen this one unfold this exact way.

On June 30th, the Bank Branch Manager had all the cash REMOVED from the ATM because it was to be taken out TODAY.

Then, this SAME MANAGER opens a service call TODAY for the fault I stated above.

I drive to the site to find out that the ATM was being removed today and that the cash had been removed on the 30th of June. So naturally I call to find out WHO opened the ticket and I find out it was the same person! I was NOT happy!

Pure Genius there. They will like the nice bill they are going to get for wasting my time.