Sunday, October 27, 2013

You're SUPPOSED to MOVE when the Traffic Light Changes to GREEN!

I see this everyday!  EVERY DAY!

People will pull into the empty lane at traffic lights and then when the light changes to green they pull away at a slow crawl.

Only TWO cars make it through the light because they're too BUSY on their CELL PHONES or doing something else except PAYING ATTENTION!

This drives me nuts!  Come on people!   NOTHING is THAT IMPORTANT that it cannot WAIT!

2.  Put your make on at HOME!
3.  Get up EARLIER!
4.  MOVE when the light changes to GREEN!
5.  If you can't drive faster than 1 MPH through an INTERSECTION then STAY HOME!

Life goes on here on Courthouse Road.....

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hey - go get me a Monkey Bar

My Niece Sarah is getting her Tattoo finished when she tells my other Niece, Casey to go to the Freezer and get her a "Monkey Bar".

Casey, comes in and asks me where they are at.  I said I've never heard of them before.  She goes back and asked Sarah again.

This time Sarah uses the Correct Name of Banana Popsicle!

Sarah tells Casey that people call Banana Popsicle's "Monkey Bars"...

After 30 minutes searching the web, the only "Monkey Bars" I could find are the ones you swing from on Elementary School Playgrounds!

So, Sarah, YOU may call it a "Monkey Bar" but the REST of the ENTIRE WORLD calls it a Banana Popsicle!

Life goes on here on Courthouse Road!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How many pans does it take to cook one Spaghetti Dinner?

For me, only 2.  One for the Spaghetti and one for the sauce.  1 Stirring spoon and 1 Pasta Rake.

For Sarah, well, just keep reading.

1.  2 of my Largest Pots.
2.  My Largest Frying Pan
3.  My Meat Strainer
4.  My Vegetable Colander (Yes, she actually uses this.)
5.  2 Large Stirring Spoons.
6.  1 Pasta Rake
7.  2 Forks (Don't Ask)

Now, for me, I cook the meat, use the LID to drain it and then add the Sauce.  Once done I use the LID to drain the Spaghetti and then add the sauce to it.

Sarah, well, you'll see.

1.  Gets hamburger all over the stove because she doesn't know how to stir gently.
2.  Cooks the meat then BREAKS my Meat Strainer and then pours everything in the Colander which she then doesn't rinse out.
3.  She cooks the Pasta using the STEAM combination pan which is NOT necessary.  Now, she already broke the Meat Strainer and used the Colander, so she finds the SECOND Colander and uses that one too!
4.  Now, she has to add the sauce to the meat.
5.  Now instead of adding the sauce to the pot the Spaghetti was cooked in, what does she do?  That's right, grabs another pan!  Now, you're supposed to add the sauce slowly to avoid splashes, but she just dumps it in there and SPLASHES Sauce all over the stove and wall and just leaves it for me to clean up.
5.  So, 1 hour longer than it takes me to cook the same meal (Because she will NOT stay in the kitchen while she is cooking), she finally gets everything cooked.
6.  So, by this time my sink is completely full and the dishwasher is empty because SHE SAYS I always say she doesn't load it right which is a Valid Statement, but if she WANTED TO LEARN, she could so it's not really a VALID POINT.

Now, I do have to admit, the Spaghetti is good, but the pain she goes through to cook one meal is simply amazing!

Life goes on here on Courthouse Road

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Simon Jr Dies

Simon the Snowman Jr, bowed his head and died this afternoon, March 30, 2013.  He was born out of love on Monday March 25, 2013.  His life was short but fulfilling.  His DNA hung on until the last possible moment.  He was preceded in death by his father, Simon Sr.  He is survived by his Mother, Sarah and his Daddy, Martin.  Perhaps someday, we'll see Simon III, but we don't expect this anytime soon.  He was Cremated and his remains spread on his birthplace.  May he rest in peace.

Life goes on here on Courthouse Road