Monday, December 31, 2012

WHY do TECH SUPPORT People......

.....ALWAYS turn off all your toolbars?  I had a problem importing my Identity Safe Logins when I changed my email from comcast to verizon.  So I decided to "Chat" with a Norton Rep.  The 1st thing he did was turn off all my toolbars.  This had NOTHING to do with my issue.  But it was PROOF that he was reading "Cue Cards".

I was basically done with him at this point.  As usual, talking to these "No Nothings" rebooted my brain and I told him that he was incorrect, ended my chat session.

Then I simply logged in - exported my info to a file on my Harddrive.  Then changed my email address, logged out and logged in with my new email address.  Then imported the file I had exported.


Maybe I should work for Tech Support!

Life goes on here on Courthouse Rd

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm going to Jersey Mike's you want anything?

I'm taking a Nap after taking Vicodin for my latest Kidney Stone Surgery.  I hear two distinct knocks on my bedroom door.  No words, just the knocks.  It's about 5pm.  I just ignore it and roll back over.

CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP goes my cellphone.  It's in the Living Room.  So I get out of Bed and go into the Living Room to look at the phone. 

It's a Text Message from my Niece Casey, saying:  I'm going to Jersey Mike's you want anything?

I text back - Yes, Club Sub with Lettuce Mayo Bacon and Provolone.

Reply:  ok

20 Mins later, I need to go to Petsmart to get some dogfood.  I leave my house, go to petsmart, take my time shopping, make my purchases and return home.

Casey still isn't back yet.  It's now 6pm.  The Jersey Mikes is only 4 miles away.

So, I proceed to make my Dog's Dinner, feed all the outside animals and come back inside just as Casey is arriving with the food 1 1/2 hours after she left!

This is how the rest of us would do this:

1.  Get everyone's orders
2.  Drive to Jersey Mikes and order/pay/pickup the food
3.  Return Home
4.  Total Time:  30 Mins max.

Here's how Casey did it:

1.  Get everyone's orders.
2.  Drive Home does who knows what and while she is there decides to take a Shower!
3.  Goes to Jersey Mikes and does everything there.
4.  They didn't have the chips Sarah likes (God Forbid) so she then
5.  Drives to Wal-Mart to get a bag of chips!
6.  Then returns home.

Is it any wonder that I wasn't hungry when she finally got here?

Life goes on here on Courthouse Road

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The New Rolling Trashcan

I walked down to the mailbox to get the mail.  My Niece Sarah had already gotten it.  On the way back I noticed a McDonalds Bag sticking up in my Niece Casey's car.  Check out these pictures of Chesterfields newest rolling Trashcan!

It's a wonder that she can get in!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WHERE is that SMELL coming from???

I walk into my house this evening and I am greeted by FUNK!  It smelled bad!  I hadn't cooked anything, so it couldn't be that. 

I follow my nose into the Kitchen.  The smell gets worse.


It's a good thing she is THOUSANDS of miles away!

Life goes on here on Courthouse Rd!

Friday, May 4, 2012

I need your help

Again, I have to get out of my chair....(M= Me -- P = Pat, My Sister)


M - Hello?
P - I need your help.
M - Why?
P - I can't get the TV to turn off.
M - Just press TV and then Power on the Remote.
P - I did that and the screen says Cable and turns blue
M - You're pressing the Cable and then Power.  Press TV and then Power
P - I can't get it to work.
M - OK, I'll be up there in a second
P - OK, Bye.

I walk up there, and she says I don't know how Mama does it.  (Mom presses TV and then Power, that's how!)

I take the remote and go See?  TV and then Power.  Amazingly, the TV goes off! 

P - How did you do that?
M - I pressed TV and then Power, like this.  I turn the TV on and off about 5 times.

I told her on the way out of the house that I was posting this.  I still don't think she actually understands the concept.

Life goes on here on Courthouse Rd

WHY does she INSIST on telling me things I ALREADY know???

I'm sitting at home tonight relaxing watching Looney Tunes when......

Riiiiiiinnnng!  Caller ID shows it's my Mom's House.

(M= Me -- P=Pat, My Sister)

M - Hello?
P - Are you working tomorrow?
M - Yes
P - Well, if you go over on Broad Street, you're going to have a lot of detours because the President is coming to town.
M - (I'm thinking - Does she think these things up - oh yeah, the news just went off) I know this, I've known it all week.
P - Oh.  Well has Sarah left or did she have the day off.
M - No.  She leaves at 6am tomorrow.
P - Oh, Well she's going to have to get up early then.
M - (Thinking to myself - You think??) We got it covered.
P - Oh, well I'll talk to you later.

Wow, I feel so much more enlightened.  NOT!

Now, back to relaxing.

Life goes on here on Courthouse Rd

Monday, April 30, 2012

How Sarah makes Garlic Bread

I'm reheating the Baked Spaghetti in the oven.  Sarah decides to make more Garlic Bread.  Now, I have at least 4 Cookie Sheets in this house.  Does she use one?  NO!  See below for how I found the bread!

All you can do is shake your head in disbelief!

Life goes on here on Courthouse Rd!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Did you steal my bread?!?

Today I made 3 pans of Baked Spaghetti.  One with just plain sauce and cheese for Sarah.  And two loaded with Meat, 1 for a friend and 1 for us.

We took one pan and a loaf of Garlic Bread to our friend's house then returned to put our Bread in the oven. 

Once the Bread was done.  Sarah came in to make her own plate because she "claims" I give her 1/2 the pan.  I probably do.

Anyway, she fixes her plate, I fix mine, then I grabbed 2 slices of bread and headed to my desk. 

The discussion then turned to marital relationships.  My Niece Casey is married and I have been married before.  I won't discuss what we were talking about except to say that Sarah was stating what she will do when she is married and in reality she has NO IDEA what she's going to do until she ACTUALLY gets married!

So, we're discussing this and Sarah says, look my husband isn't DID YOU JUST STEAL MY BREAD?!?

I started laughing and said YEP!

Casey said, you are DEFINITELY our Daddy's child!

Life goes on here on Courthouse Rd.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's get started

My friends urged me to create a blog because I see so many different things and my two Nieces are a never ending source of laughter around this house.  Over the next few weeks, I will be going back in time and posting the things that have said and done.  I promise you'll bust your gut laughing.  So, sit back, relax, have some tissues ready for laughing so hard you'll cry.  I look forward to entertaining you!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

How Life on Courthouse Road was Born

My two Nieces, Casey and Sarah used to live with me as well as my Brother and His wife.  My Brother and His wife later moved to my Mom's house.  Casey and Sarah stayed.  Casey has since married and moved out.  But she still comes around.  EVERYTIME Sarah and Casey are together, ONE of them is bound to do something or say something that just leaves you shaking your head in disbelief.  So, I came up with the name because we live on Courthouse Rd.