Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The New Rolling Trashcan

I walked down to the mailbox to get the mail.  My Niece Sarah had already gotten it.  On the way back I noticed a McDonalds Bag sticking up in my Niece Casey's car.  Check out these pictures of Chesterfields newest rolling Trashcan!

It's a wonder that she can get in!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WHERE is that SMELL coming from???

I walk into my house this evening and I am greeted by FUNK!  It smelled bad!  I hadn't cooked anything, so it couldn't be that. 

I follow my nose into the Kitchen.  The smell gets worse.


It's a good thing she is THOUSANDS of miles away!

Life goes on here on Courthouse Rd!

Friday, May 4, 2012

I need your help

Again, I have to get out of my chair....(M= Me -- P = Pat, My Sister)


M - Hello?
P - I need your help.
M - Why?
P - I can't get the TV to turn off.
M - Just press TV and then Power on the Remote.
P - I did that and the screen says Cable and turns blue
M - You're pressing the Cable and then Power.  Press TV and then Power
P - I can't get it to work.
M - OK, I'll be up there in a second
P - OK, Bye.

I walk up there, and she says I don't know how Mama does it.  (Mom presses TV and then Power, that's how!)

I take the remote and go See?  TV and then Power.  Amazingly, the TV goes off! 

P - How did you do that?
M - I pressed TV and then Power, like this.  I turn the TV on and off about 5 times.

I told her on the way out of the house that I was posting this.  I still don't think she actually understands the concept.

Life goes on here on Courthouse Rd

WHY does she INSIST on telling me things I ALREADY know???

I'm sitting at home tonight relaxing watching Looney Tunes when......

Riiiiiiinnnng!  Caller ID shows it's my Mom's House.

(M= Me -- P=Pat, My Sister)

M - Hello?
P - Are you working tomorrow?
M - Yes
P - Well, if you go over on Broad Street, you're going to have a lot of detours because the President is coming to town.
M - (I'm thinking - Does she think these things up - oh yeah, the news just went off) I know this, I've known it all week.
P - Oh.  Well has Sarah left or did she have the day off.
M - No.  She leaves at 6am tomorrow.
P - Oh, Well she's going to have to get up early then.
M - (Thinking to myself - You think??) We got it covered.
P - Oh, well I'll talk to you later.

Wow, I feel so much more enlightened.  NOT!

Now, back to relaxing.

Life goes on here on Courthouse Rd