Monday, December 31, 2012

WHY do TECH SUPPORT People......

.....ALWAYS turn off all your toolbars?  I had a problem importing my Identity Safe Logins when I changed my email from comcast to verizon.  So I decided to "Chat" with a Norton Rep.  The 1st thing he did was turn off all my toolbars.  This had NOTHING to do with my issue.  But it was PROOF that he was reading "Cue Cards".

I was basically done with him at this point.  As usual, talking to these "No Nothings" rebooted my brain and I told him that he was incorrect, ended my chat session.

Then I simply logged in - exported my info to a file on my Harddrive.  Then changed my email address, logged out and logged in with my new email address.  Then imported the file I had exported.


Maybe I should work for Tech Support!

Life goes on here on Courthouse Rd