Sunday, June 8, 2014

The CAR of your DOOR

So, I let my Niece, Sarah borrow my car AGAIN to go to Virginia Beach.  Now in her car, she has the seat all jacked up so that only SHE can drive it.  She gets in MY CAR and puts the seat in a TOTALLY different and even more JACKED UP position!  How she drives is simply amazing!  It always takes me about 1 hour to get my seat CLOSE to where I had it BEFORE she borrowed it.

And ALWAYS, I give her CRAP about JACKING UP MY SEAT!  She says SHE CAN'T DRIVE with the SEAT IN THAT POSITION!  Which PROVES she can't drive a car with the seats in a TIME TESTED 60/40 position! 

She also has the MIRRORS looking down the SIDES OF THE CAR instead of where the INSURANCE COMPANY says they should be which is in line with the OUTSIDE LANES of the HIGHWAY!  Again, HOW she drives is amazing and Her Dad and I have proven time and time again that she is completely UNAWARE of ANYONE beside her because SHE CANNOT SEE THEM no matter what she says!  We've actually rode beside her for over 1 mile before and she denied we were there! 

Anyway, She proceeds to tell me today that she HATES my Car because the CAR OF YOUR DOOR bruised my face!  She said it THREE TIMES that way!

You CANNOT make up stuff like this!

Life goes on here on Courthouse Road!