Saturday, July 2, 2016

Use the RIGHT PAN!

Sooooo, my niece Sarah Rebecca Sunkel bought some Cheese Ravioli at Sam's today. Then she goes to Martin's to get 4-Cheese Sauce to put on top of it along with some shredded Cheddar Cheese.

THEN, she gets some NY Garlic Breadsticks to have with them. The rest of us enjoyed BBQ Pork Chops and a Baked Potato the size of Texas.

Does she use one of my many cookie sheets for the Breadsticks?

NOOOOOO! SHE uses the bottom of my Broiling Pan!

Remember, she IS college educated! Yet, continues to use the wrong knives and the wrong pans on the wrong sized eye on the stove!

I've told her husband to make sure they have good fire insurance when they get their own house!

Life goes on here on Courthouse Rd!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Is it Baked Chicken or Water with Chicken Pieces in it?

I've been arguing this with my Niece Sarah Rebecca Sunkel for over 1 year now about the amount of water to use when using the Bag-N-Season.  I submit the following proof:

Now, you can all read both sides and NO WHERE will you see that it tells you to ADD WATER!  Yet, Sarah continues to add about 1/2 gallon of water to the bag, thereby making Water with Chicken Pieces instead of Baked Chicken with a nice Red Glaze on it.

THEN, she takes her piece of Chicken and Massacres it in Ketchup and whatever else she can find making it look like warmed up roadkill.

You can draw your own conclusions!

Life goes on here on Courthouse Road!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

I want the SKINNY Hot Dogs

So we're going to cook burgers and hot dogs this evening. Now, in a NORMAL household that's no problem. But when Sarah Rebecca Sunkel is in it, you have to buy NATHAN'S ALL BEEF HOT DOGS. But!!!! You must get the SKINNY ones because they are not as fat! I submit EVIDENCE to the contrary. Below is the SKINNY Hot Dogs as they are called by Sarah....

Pictured above is HER SKINNY Hot Dogs.  Note the Nutrition Info.

These are the Regular FAT Hot Dogs as she calls them.  Again, Note the Nutrition Info.

Through the years, she has gone from Hebrew National ALL BEEF Hot Dogs to BALLPARK all BEEF Hot Dogs to Nathan's ALL BEEF Hot Dogs.  

Now, here's the kicker!  Sarah says she doesn't eat RED MEAT!  You can draw your own conclusion.

Life goes on here on Courthouse Road..............